1. About Us 

  • Who are we? We are Scorch Sst Bakery Pvt. Ltd., trading as sstbakery.com (hereinafter “Sst Bakery”), a company registered in India under the Companies Act.
  • How can you contact us?
  • You can contact us by calling our customer service team at +91 9950823257 or by emailing us at contact@sstbakery.com
  • How can we contact you? If we require to contact you, we will do so by calling you on your provided number or emailing you on your email address that you will provide us while registering with us as a sst bakery.
  • By using this Website, it is deemed that you have consented to receive calls, message calls, e-mails and text messages from us at any time with the use of the telephone number and e-mail address that has been provided by you.
  • You can opt-out of the promotional messages by contacting the customer service team. The sharing of the information provided by you will be governed by the Privacy Policy and We will not give out such contact information of yours to third parties not connected with the Website/App.

2. About You 

  • By accepting an order through Sst Bakery, you warrant that you are competent to enter into a binding contract and are at least 18 years of age (as required by the Indian Contract Act, 1872).

3. Our Contract With You

  • What all services do we provide through our Website? We will provide a platform for a Client to place an order with Sst Bakery for a dessert of their choice (eg: Cake) on the Website. As part of the Service, we will process all the payments relating to the order and, where required, liaise with the Client on your behalf in accordance with this Document. We warrant that the Service will be provided by us using reasonable care and skill.

6. Images And Logos 

  • Any image uploaded by the Baker on the Website becomes the sole property of the Company. The Company has the right to use it for promotional and other business purposes and will not require any permission from the User for the same.
  • Any image or logo used by the Baker in their product must not be an infringement of intellectual property. In case of any such infringement, User will be the parties to the said legal issue. The Company will in no way be liable for this infringement.